Rotomi “Only Human” Video

Model/actor turned singer is branching out to grace his appearance to the R&B world with his song “Only Human.” Fans might recognize Rotomi from the Starz series Boss or Keyishia Coles unfaithful boyfriend from the “Trust and Believe” video. In the video Rotomi is faced with the difficult decision of staying faithful to one woman or going after different ones for the rest of his life. While dealing with matters of the heart Rotomi’s girlfriend decides since he cannot make up his mind fast enough she will leave him for good. The world is so much harder when the person you look to isn’t there for you anymore. Through the video Rotomi realizes this player lifestyle per say isn’t for him, but is it too late to apologize and get back his love? And will the excuse I’m only human work? Watch the video “Only Human” by Rotomi.

rotomi only human