Not another Technology & Gadget Blog!

What the hell is Dopetronic? And how is it different from every other Technology & Gadget blog out there?

Well I don’t have an answer to that … but I will someday. If you asked the founders of instagram what it would be 6 years ago. They would have told you that they are just building a great product that will evolve over time. The Basis is social photo sharing but that can evolve into something else.

We have a strong Idea about what DopeTronic is now and have hopes of where it may go. We decided to build this blog to make sure technology news, education & reviews get to consumers who crave information & understanding. We have an Idea where we will find those consumers and how to reach them. And if the digital landscape shifts, we will make sure we shift with it.

DopeTronic is a combination of the words Dope & Electronic. The word Tronic refers to something being awesome and digitally cool. The first time I heard the word was in the film “Tron” and it forever stayed with me. Additionally, Tronic refers to something being Trill & Chronic (Tronic). Seriously … you cant make this stuff up check out the urban Dictionary Meaning below.

the sum of something trill and chronic
that video is so trill, no its chronic, no its TRONIC!!!!!!!!


,Adj:  Describing something being awesome but of somehow either uncommon awesome or an awesome from an electronic venue such as a sound or a sound effect, even something from a game or the internet.
“Yo homie, that beat is dopetronic.”



The Content

We come from the world of Music, Entertainment & Digital Marketing. And we are geeks about everything from Comic Books to Cult films and more. Dopetronic will focus on Digital Culture and contribute to the conversations around it. We will touch on social but  focus on Technology, Apps / Software, Tutorials (AKA DopeHacks) & Idea concepts.

We hope to build a brand worth your time and social engagement.

Thank you,

– Osiris of Earth