“Jobs” Trailer Featuring Music By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Steve Jobs was a revolutionary in computer electronics and changed the way we view our electronic products’ design. But he was an inspiring individual from the start, a very honest, creative, and at times rebellious genius (different adjectives have been thrown at him, see pic above.

In the new biopic “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher, we’ll get to see the rise of Apple from humble beginnings in a garage to the multi-billion company that it is. This movie will shed light to some of Steve Jobs experiences and what makes him a visionary and inspiration. The movie’s trailer features Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” single. Like I said in previous post about “The Wolf of Wall Street”, it is almost inevitable that Hip-Hop songs give life to the preview of movie. Hollywood has gone Hip-Hop. (Ironically enough, this is the same song that was used in a Windows Surface commercial)

I feel its a little soon for a movie about Steve Jobs, but I hope it does his legacy justice. (Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer on October 5th 2011. RIP)