Everything you need to know about Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 and 6


If you’re dropping into the Warzone for the first time this season then there are some important things for you to know before you join the fight. Season five brings big changes to the map of Verdansk, new operators and new firepower for players to send each other to the Gulag with.

Call of Duty Loot Train?

Just after Apex Legends retired for their loot train, the people in charge of Warzone decided they liked the idea of a mobile battleground to pull players around Verdansk. It’s an interesting battleground to be sure, but if you’re coming from Apex expect a different experience from the Loot Train in that game. 

Both trains are popular drop locations, meaning that you’re going to find action early and often, that said Call of Duty Warzone’s initial encounters come with armor and a pistol, meaning there is a lot less luck involved as everyone begins armed. If you’re not the absolute master of gunfights, and prefer to focus on careful positioning and choosing your engagements, then the train isn’t for you. 

If you’re the kind of player that gets tons of kills in Call of Duty Warzone, then the loot train is a fantastic way to start the match with a bang. 

Call of Duty: Red Access Card

Season 5 of Warzone opens up a lot of the bunkers on the map. Many of these bunkers need codes to open and are part of a secret puzzle that leads to information about Call of Duty: Cold War. That said, there are bunkers that cannot be opened with an access code, and instead need a rare item. 

To draw a second comparison to Apex Legends, the Red Access Card in games of Warzone acts similar to the vault key. It can only be found in legendary drops, and it’s not even guaranteed to be in a legendary drop, so if you find one we’d suggest buying a lottery ticket after the game. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the Red Access Card is an item like any other, which means you need to get to the bunker alive to use it, and that you might get lucky and steal it from someone you killed. This results in a lot of players creeping around the bunkers hoping to surprise cardholders and steal their prize, because of this it’s critical to play carefully around the bunkers if you’re the person with the card. 

If you manage to get into the bunker that needed the access card, there is tons of loot for you to enjoy inside. Just make sure to be careful as you exit so you don’t end up feeding all your hard work to another player. 


The Top Weapons for Call of Duty Season 5

When it comes to your loadouts in Season 5, there have been some new additions to the blueprint system that are well worth your time if you can get your hands on them. 

The first of these is the new Mother Lode version of the Grau 5.56. Despite attempts from the developers to knock the Grau off its throne, it’s still a good argument for the best gun in the game. The motherlode blueprint is legendary, but if you manage to find one you’re going to have gotten your hands on a Grau 5.56 that is leaner and meaner than any other version we’ve seen in Warzone. Between Slight of Hand, the commando foregrip and a compensator, this gun is almost insultingly powerful. In a fair firefight, it should feel almost impossible to lose once you have this in your kit. The Mother Lode is rare, but it’s the core of the best Call of Duty season 5 loadout.

The second best gun is boosted a little bit by being easy to find. Synthetic Dreams is a blue rarity weapon in Warzone, meaning that it’s easy for players to hunt down in a match, and it’s a buffed version of the Bruen MK9 LMG. If you’ve played multiplayer outside of Warzone, you know how powerful the Bruen MK9 LMG is. Synthetic Dreams has multiple stability attachments meaning that it’s got assault rifle stats with an LMG clip size. 

Seeing as Synthetic Dreams is a blue rarity drop, it’s the gun that you’re going to see more often, and it’s one of the best guns to practice with and make your top gun in Call of Duty: Warzone season 5. 

New Season 5 Game Modes: 

Season 5 of Warzone brings Mini Royale to the table, a modified version of the classic battle royale matches that players are used to. The biggest difference is that Mini Royale begins after the first circle has already moved in, and only allows a hundred players. 

This means that Mini Royale games are much more aggressive and chaotic than traditional games of Warzone. Even though there are fewer players, the map size is significantly smaller meaning that you’re likely to run into and battle players from the first moments of the match. Additionally, the smaller map makes for less loot, meaning that everyone is less likely to have their favourite loadouts available for their first contact with another squad. 

When they announced mini royale, the developers said that the new season 5 game mode was going to feel like it was only the first minute and last five minutes of a traditional match. We absolutely agree and think they nailed it. The only issue is that the intense matches of Mini Royale can leave you exhausted and wishing you had some time to run around finding your favorite weapon. Luckily we have traditional Warzone for that. 

Warzone Season 6:

Considering the announcement of Call of Duty: Cold War players weren’t 100% sure what to expect with Season 6, but it seems like the developers are looking to continue updating Verdansk even with the new game on the horizon. 

Beyond new weapons, operators and the other usual suspects, dataminer ModernWarzone found information that might hint at new game modes, namely, they found tags for Duos in One Shot and Stimulus, and Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads for ‘Bottom Line.’

If we discover what Bottom Line is, or how you can play with your friends, we will update you here.