CYMBAL music app curates your music via social media

The Perfect combination of music streaming app and social media doesn’t exist yet, but with apps like CYMBAL we are getting pretty close.   Before Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music told us what was the best music to listen to in a curated fashion. We had two main sources to curate our musical taste and help us discover new music.

Before big business music streaming services it was your friends, the Radio & the occasional Mood Mixtape from your ex that lead you to that new tune.  CYMBAL aims to combine your social following and friends listening taste into curated playlist.

The main action of the app is sharing your song of the moment or “Cymbal” with your friends.  This will allow the app always have an updated playlist on your feed. Currently the apps plays music from Spotify (With Premium Membership) & Soundcloud.

CYMBAL music app download

Cymbal just raised received 1.1 million in seed funding  from Vaizra Investments & General Catalyst. The same VC’s that invest in apps like Yik Yak, Casper, Snapchat & AirBnB. This year Forbes has Cymbal racking in about 17,000 downloads.

Is not the first time a company is attempting to Merge social technology with the music world. Spotify is integrated into Facebook and Apple Music even has its own social / Micro blogging platform called connect.

Looking forward to how Cymbal will improve their app and integrate other social platforms.