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Usher “Looking 4 Myself” [Samsung Commercial]

Usher “Looking 4 Myself” [Samsung Commercial]


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Another music and technology partnership. This time Samsung brings Usher in confrontation with his darker self, as Samsung demonstrates their Smart TV’s features. Samsung is really working on setting itself apart from its competitors’ with motion control part of their Smart Interaction technology they plan to change how people view television. This allows users to zoom in pictures, browse through channels, and also includes face/voice recognition when powering them on.

In the commercial, these features are shown as Usher spends time reminiscing on an relationship, dance fighting in the streets like a scene out of Hancock, and somehow being inspired by the lady in his relationship. Its a super cool concept that is fitting for Usher’s latest single “Looking 4 Myself”. It looks like music and technology business deals are the future, expect more commercials like this.

Check out the commercial below featuring Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself”: