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Lexus has finally released video of their Amazing hover board called “The Slide”. In a Previous post about the Lexus hover board we talk about the technology behind the board and how it might work. We were’nt sure if Lexus had a full working prototype coming or just a concept. Looks like its a fully […]
Facebook recently showed off its solar powered aircraft “Aquila” to the world. The aircraft has a wingspan larger than a commercial airliner but only weighs about as much as a small car. Aquila will bring internet connectivity to the most remote parts of the world using lasers. The aircraft is made of some of the strongest […]
We have all been awaiting the announcement of the Lexus hover board teased a few months back. What we know about the board is that it uses liquid Nitrogen & Magnetic Fields to achieve Levitation. We don’t know if the announcement on Aug 5th will feature a fully functional Hover board or just a prototype in development. The […]
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. declares the F-35B Lightning II Initial Operation Capable. The Corps welcomes the F-35 into its ranks, replacing the Hornet, Harrier and the Prowler as the Corps’ premiere fixed-wing aircraft. “This airplane, with Marines painted on the side, is going to allow your Corps, our Corps, to go anywhere at anytime […]