Okay, so this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or almost any environment where someone can sneak up behind you. Terius is back at it with risque videos for his album “IVPlay”. The ode to Michael Jackson is dope in an unconventional way. The video is .. umm.. different. It has beautiful lady dancing around to […]
Janelle Monae finds her groove on her second single “Dance Apocalyptic” off her upcoming album “The Electric Lady” due out on September 10th. This is like swing, rock, r&b all in once. It makes for a fun record. I think wanna dance too. Listen to “Dance Apocalyptic” below.
  Marsha Ambrosius takes us on a recent flight with her as she  shares a new song.  The ballad “Sky” accompanied by her magnificent voice and beautiful video of an amazing skyline will take fans to another level. Lyrics such as “I long to see your face, can’t believe you went away, gone to soon […]
The Weeknd back?? Well, did he ever leave? The mysterious crooner has been relatively lowkey for the last 6 months or so, but now he drops his new video for “Kiss Land”. Although, he has made some appearances, he hasn’t released alot of new material and he’s not as aligned with OVO as when he […]
  It’s been a long time coming, but India Arie is back with force as she delivers her first single “Just Do You.” This song is among the many off of her new album Songversation which is set to be released on June 25th. These lyrics truly hit home as she challengers fans not to follow […]
John Legend  reminds you in his new single that we were “Made To Love”. This a strong ballad musically, it sounds grand. I love the drums and baseline as it carries intensely through the song. This one could be played for your significant other after a fancy date, and see where it goes from there… […]
    Justin Timberlake is gearing up to release his third single “Tunnel Vision” off of his hit album The 20-20 Experience. On the artwork for this new single some might see Justin’s eye, nose and part of his top lip. When you look with tunnel vision though a silhouette of a curvy, long hair […]
After cleaning out her “Dirty Laundry,” Kelly Rowland is trying to prove to fans that this album will be more successful than others. Her new single “Street Life” feat. Pusha T from upcoming album Talk A Good Game was produced by Pharrell. With the fast melodic tone and catchy lyrics this will sure be in […]
Marsha Ambrosius stepped on the stage like she owned Blue Note Jazz Club. The room was packed with fans from Philly, New York and even her hometown of Liverpool. Her show began as you heard the rain drops fall in the background and the lighting just dimming down. The spotlight was on her as she […]