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So this isn’t the official review. But WOWWWW. This album is beautiful in so many different ways. Its not easy to digest, but its pure in its emotions and it transcends through the music. From the production to the lyrics, this is definitely Kanyes most progressive album. Its hip-hop and its not, its production marks […]
SO It would seem that Kanye’s 6th Studio Album “Yeezus” Has leaked and is floating around the internet. Kanye has always been very secretive of his Projects and has always tried to keep a tight lid on his operation. Also, we Know that he has leaked fake albums to through the bootleggers off track until […]
In case you forgot, Pusha-T drops “Who I Am” to remind you know who he is. Premiered by Funkmaster Flex. Its another GOOD collaboration featuring 2Chainz & Big Sean. Produced by DJ Mano and Kanye West. Although right now everyone’s waiting for “Yeezus”, don’t forget Pusha-T’s highly anticipated “My Name is My Name” is set […]
New Track from Yeezy AKA Kanye West AKA Yeezus. Kanye West – Send It Up Feat. KING LOUIE (Lyrics)   Lyrics Below and Download link: [Verse 1: King Louie] Rockstar bitch call me Elvis Another bitch she call me selfish Success got them jealous Shorty’s killin’, I’m ridin’, I’m drillin’ Tattoos, I’mma break the news […]
So it seems that the Yeezus Tracklist just got leaked by a swedish retail site. The Peeps at Def Jam are saying that this is just a preview list and that it is ment for promotion. But we all know recently Kanye (Yeezus) said he wasn’t doing any promotion! Also, We have a set of Features on […]
    Justin Timberlake is gearing up to release his third single “Tunnel Vision” off of his hit album The 20-20 Experience. On the artwork for this new single some might see Justin’s eye, nose and part of his top lip. When you look with tunnel vision though a silhouette of a curvy, long hair […]