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OVO singer-producer duo Majid Jordan drop the 2nd visual off their A Place Like This EP. The elusive “Her” is presented in all black and white in the artistic video. Don’t fall for the wrong her. Watch it below:
The ’80s back!! Terminator: Genisys is the latest installment in the historic Arnold Schwarzenegger led franchise. Expect time clashes this time around, as this presents a different kind of reboot for the franchise. Kyle Reese will be heading back to save Sarah Conner, as Skynet will be attacking John Connor in the past and future. Somehow […]
Ty Dolla $ign is a stand-up guy in his video for “Stand For” co-produced by Diplo and DJ Dahi, as he prepares to release his debut album Free TC. Ty shows you how multifaceted someone can be with balloon heads. Keep your head up straight. Check it out below:
First, we receive a fan-made “All Day” song as a leak and now we get a fan-made Yeezus tour inspired film; using some of the best footage from the tour. It is safe to say that Kanye has the best and most loyal fanbase in hip-hop. Until Ye releases the official Yeezus film this will […]
Run! The dinosaurs are going to be back on the big screen! The trailer fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise is finally here. Jurassic World arrives on June 12, 2015. With executive producer Steven Spielberg there is no way this one can go wrong. Oh and dinasour hybrid??? We’re excited!
Beyonce is about to #BreakTheInternet with her latest video for a previously leaked track “7/11”. Bey is having fun in this one with a random pop-up appearance by Jay-z and her friends dancing around in a hotel.
Wale is somewhere in the hills in the visual for the song “The Follower”, which is bound to appear on Nas’s Mass Appeal compilation coming soon. Wale is back to spitting some sharp bars so we can look forward to The Album About Nothing as this includes a clip from Seinfield. Watch it below and […]