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In typical Kanye Fashion Yeezy Takes the Stage at the Governors Ball and takes his Opportunity in front of his Fans to let them know how he feels about Radio Play and album sales. Full Transcript Below: I’d like to thank everybody who came out tonight to rock with me. You could have been anywhere in the world. You could have been […]
New Visuals From Jessie J for her track “WILD” That Features GOOD MUSIC’s Big Sean and UK Artist Dizze Rascal. The Black and white toned Video takes place on the set of a photoshoot which we get the pleasure of watching Jessie J walk for 40 sec to arrive at. But The eyes are granted […]
I wont say this is An official review or anything because im currently Mid MixTape! So that being said I will talk about the experience so far and why After track 10 I was hooked. Dont get me wrong though the first Play back came with the G-Eazy Freestyle Then it was a straight listen from there. Once […]