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Gameplay footage of the Exotic Sword Raze-Lighter. The Exotic Sword Does solar damage and even has a perk that helps speed up the recharge of your super. Some additional info about other perks are below. Tempered Light Perk: Increased Armor when welding the sword. (Gives you the chance to get up close in the crucible) […]
After you finish up the Campaign for the Taken King and defeat Oryx during the “Kings Fall” Raid. The Dreadnaught opens up for patrol and you can complete in a spawn controlled public event called the “Court of Oryx”.  The Court of Oryx runs similar to the firefights of the Halo universe and you fight […]
In this post we’ll talk about how to get Legendary Marks in Destiny year 2. We will also talk about th legendary marks have replaced Crucible Marks and Vanguard marks. Legendary marks can be earned multiple ways and are also used to purchase new weapons, Gear and upgrades. How to Get Destiny Legendary Marks:   Completing […]
In this Taken King Video update we get a full walk through of the first mission ” The Coming War”. The mission starts off with your guardian investigating a Cabal base to figure out what caused all the destruction from a recent battle that didn’t involve Guardians. The mission feels very Halo universe like with […]
Equipped in the Heavy weapon slot the Sleeper Simulat Fusion Rifle during gameplay feels more like a railgun. And its final exotic perk lets the fusion power shots bounce off of walls up to five times and rip apart enemies and players in the crucible. The weapon bares Rasputin’s (The war-mind of the Golden Age Known […]