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OVO affiliate, P. Reign releases the latest video for his collaboration with Drake and Future. The Toronto MCs take a stroll during their beach vacation to enjoy the beautiful weather, ladies, and some mansion action (where was Future?). If you haven’t done so, you can still listen to P. Reign’s Dear America here. Check out “DnF” […]
In another unexpected move, The Weeknd releases “Devil May Cry” a song that will appear on the soundtrack to the movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. He has stated “I wanted to go for an uplifting and conquering yet melancholy mood. Rick Rubin helped me bring it to life.” I believe he delivers on the […]
Pusha-T claimed “My Name is My Name” as the “Hip-Hop album of the year”. Criticism aside it is top 5 Hip-Hop album of the year for songs like “Hold On”. The video captures the essence of what the album is as a confession of sorts about the glory, pain, passion, failures, and success that come […]
Young Guru, the revered producer/engineer/DJ (Jay-Z’s personal engineer), is showing off the newest technology by Google. The video showcases some of the useful features of the “Google Glass” as Guru asks for translations to order his food, and asks the name of a song playing in the small restaurant and also uses the Google Glass […]
“Do you believe in something stronger than trust”, The Weeknd asks on this Pharrell assisted remix. The Toronto native will finally see his LP “Kiss Land” released on September 10th. It feels like a long time coming considering he put out 3 great efforts in 2011 when he debuted with “House Of Ballons”. We have […]
Big Sean still working “10 2 10”, in his latest videos he gives us an artistic view of how hard he’s been going. Although, I would have liked a more reality-esque video of the “10 2 10” life, he manages to deliver his message with the aggression of the music and it proves Big Sean […]
Today is the glorious day, some of the livest stars across all genres of music will participate in the “Made In America Festival” curated by Jay-Z. That’s right, the festival will begin today at approximately 12pm and end after nearly 10 hours of musical performances. But if you have not planned your travel to Philly […]
Jay-Z delivers the symbolism of fame and its perils in his new video for “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake. Beginning with Jay-Z watching footage of Mike Tyson losing against Buster Douglas (the bright lights is enticing). The images sure show the emotion of how seductive this concept of fame and stardom can be plus the […]
Last year, Jay-Z made an unprecedented move in announcing the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. A concert which he himself headlined while bringing out other music stars such as Pearl Jam, Kanye West, Drake, Skrillex, and more. The announcement was received with criticism due to it been a big corporate sponsored event and it […]