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Angry Birds 2 Breaks 1 Million downloads in First Day

Angry Birds 2 is here and the app has made its mark across the net by breaking 1 million downloads on the first day. But not everyone is happy with the new Angry Birds 2. A lot of the complaints are centered around the app being too complicated and not as simple and enjoyable as the first. […]

Lexus Hover board Details Revealed on Aug 5th

We have all been awaiting the announcement of the Lexus hover board teased a few months back. What we know about the board is that it uses liquid Nitrogen & Magnetic Fields to achieve Levitation. We don’t know if the announcement on Aug 5th will feature a fully functional Hover board or just a prototype in development. The […]

The Futuristic F-35 Lightning II Cleared for the US Marine Corps

Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. declares the F-35B Lightning II Initial Operation Capable. The Corps welcomes the F-35 into its ranks, replacing the Hornet, Harrier and the Prowler as the Corps’ premiere fixed-wing aircraft. “This airplane, with Marines painted on the side, is going to allow your Corps, our Corps, to go anywhere at anytime […]

Sony DSC-QX100 and QX10 Hands on Review

View review Courtesy of [Engadget] Sony DSC-QX100 and QX10 lens cameras bring top-notch optics to any smartphone or tablet, we go hands-on. The rumors, we’re thrilled to see, are true. Sony’s unique lens cameras are now official, and they’re coming to a smartphone or tablet near you beginning later this month. As expected, there are two […]

Not another Technology & Gadget Blog!

What the hell is Dopetronic? And how is it different from every other Technology & Gadget blog out there? Well I don’t have an answer to that … but I will someday. If you asked the founders of instagram what it would be 6 years ago. They would have told you that they are just building a great […]

CYMBAL music app curates your music via social media

The Perfect combination of music streaming app and social media doesn’t exist yet, but with apps like CYMBAL we are getting pretty close.   Before Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music told us what was the best music to listen to in a curated fashion. We had two main sources to curate our musical taste and help us […]

Youtube Music Insights, Understand Deep Data about your Music on youtube.

Have you ever wondered where you should start your first tour or book a performance? Youtube has the answers. What radio stations to pitch your music to? What should you bring to a meeting to impress the station programmers? How many times has your video played in Sweden or Barcelona, Spain? Do you have any […]

Axwell /\ Ingrosso – New Track “Something New”

Axwell /\ Ingrosso released a new track with the new Beat by Dre Solo Commercial. The Commercial features an array of star, Athletes & Entertainers Promoting the Hashtag #SoloSelfie wearing a Pair of the new Beats By Dre Wireless solo headphones. CHeck out the Commercial below and let us know what you think. -D

Knife Party’s Debut Album ‘Abandon ship’ hits iTunes Three Weeks Early

Knife Party Fans have been waiting for the Duo’s Debut album ‘Abandon ship’ to drop on iTunes. To everyone’s surprise, even Knife Party themselves iTunes leaked the album 3 weeks early. Even so the album managed to make its way all the way up to the number 3 spot behind Taylor swift and One Direction […]

Pusha T – “King Push” [Video] Produced by Kanye West & Joaquin Phoenix

Yup thats right Folks welcome Joaquin Phoenix back to the world of Hip-hop! Apparently Mr. Phoenix and Kanye West Produced the Visuals for Pusha T’s New Track “King Push”. The Video keeps with the G.O.O.D Music style of clean simple and about the music and the artist. And the visuals go great with a track that […]