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How to get Destiny legendary Marks

In this post we’ll talk about how to get Legendary Marks in Destiny year 2. We will also talk about th legendary marks have replaced Crucible Marks and Vanguard marks. Legendary marks can be earned multiple ways and are also used to purchase new weapons, Gear and upgrades. How to Get Destiny Legendary Marks:   Completing […]

Taken King The Coming War mission Gamplay & Guide

In this Taken King Video update we get a full walk through of the first mission ” The Coming War”. The mission starts off with your guardian investigating a Cabal base to figure out what caused all the destruction from a recent battle that didn’t involve Guardians. The mission feels very Halo universe like with […]

Destiny The Taken King Exotics Revealed!

Xur has taken over the Destiny Instagram account to reveal Taken King Exotic weapons, armor & more . We have a full list for you below and also some details for each exotic item. We don’t know how long or how many Taken King Exotics will be revealed but we will make sure we have the complete […]

The Sleeper Simulant: Heavy Fusion Rifle

Equipped in the Heavy weapon slot the Sleeper Simulat Fusion Rifle during gameplay feels more like a railgun. And its final exotic perk lets the fusion power shots bounce off of walls up to five times and rip apart enemies and players in the crucible. The weapon bares Rasputin’s (The war-mind of the Golden Age Known […]

When does the new iphone 7 come out?

The New iPhone 7 comes out in Late fall and will feature some great new advancements. Check out the details Below. Main sections in this article: Macworld iPhone7 Macworld’s verdict on the iPhone 7 Introduction: What is the iPhone 7? iPhone 7 launch date rumours (updated, 7 August, with anonymous sources predicting a 9 September launch […]

The Lexus Hover Board is here and its Real!

Lexus has finally released video of their Amazing hover board called “The Slide”. In a Previous post about the Lexus hover board we talk about the technology behind the board and how it might work. We were’nt sure if Lexus had a full working prototype coming or just a concept. Looks like its a fully […]

Check out Facebook Solar Powered aircraft Aquila

Facebook recently showed off its solar powered aircraft “Aquila” to the world. The aircraft has a wingspan larger than a commercial airliner but only weighs about as much as a small car. Aquila will bring internet connectivity to the most remote parts of the world using lasers. The aircraft is made of some of the strongest […]

Here comes the Xbox one Chatpad (qwerty Keyboard)

The guys over at Microsoft have finally given us a Xbox one Chat pad (qwerty keyboard). The in demand accessory was released during Gamescom 2015 and become a trending topic on multiply social networks. If your not to sure what a chatpad is, its a keyboard that plugs into your Xbox one controller. If you do […]

New Custom Halo 5 Xbox One

With new Halo games comes new Xbox hardware and a custom collectors edition console. If you missed out on any of the previous collectors Edition Xbox’s from Microsoft, nows your chance to score one based on Halo 5. At Gamescom 2015, the limited edition Halo 5 Guardians themed Xbox one was revealed by Microsoft. The new system […]

Halo 2 coming soon. FINALLY!

At the end of Microsoft’s Gamescom 2015 keynote they surprised the crowd with a new Halo Wars 2 Trailer. The long awaited sequel to the real-time strategy hit Halo Wars will be developed by The Creative Assembly. The same studio that gaming studio that brought you “Alien Isolation“.  Halo Wars Launched in 2009 on the Xbox 360 […]