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iphone x vs galaxy s8 + iPhone x pricing & wireless charging is here!

Before we get into the newest updates from the apple iPhone event let’s talk about the iPhone x vs the Galaxy s8. The iPhone X its a powerhouse and we mean that! It actually puts some computer systems to shame. Here is a First look video at the iPhone x:  Here is a Chart breakdown […]

Download ios 11 gm wallpaper

If you are looking for IOS 11 wallpaper & IOS 11 wallpapers for Other Iphones you have come to the right place. 9to5 Mac released the Original versions of the wallpapers and can be downloaded here. We also Have the IOS 11 gm wallpapers to download for you in a  ZIP file. Download IOS 11 gm […]

New iPhone 8 color leaked, Blush Gold

With all the new leaks coming out about the iPhone 8 you would have thought it would be hard for anything else to leak. But Nope!, We have word from twitter leaking spy Benjamin Geskin, that this leak is directly from FOXconn with the official name of this new iPhone 8 color Blush Gold. iPhone 6 – […]

Taken King new Items, Calcified fragment, Wormspore, Osmium & Runes

In this post we will talk about all the new materials and Items we have found or have seen from the Taken King Expansion. Calcified fragment – Wormspore – Just like Black wax Idols this appears to be a material and resource unique to the hive. Appearing only on the dreadnaught and as a result […]

Destiny Taken King Wormspore & new Materials to Farm

Bungie has introduced a new material that players will need to Farm Called  “Wormspore”. This new material is used to help upgrade Year two armor and weapons and is only available on the dreadnaught. In addition to Legendary Marks user will have to find the Best and fastest way to obtain Wormspore to upgrade legendary and Exotic taken […]

Destiny Taken King – What are Runes? & How they are used

Recently during the Bungie court of Oryx reveal we learned that guardians will need to collect runes in order to activate a public court of Oryx event. During the live stream we learned about two of these runes, the ” Stolen Rune” & the “Reciprocal rune”. These were runes that were used to activate different levels […]

Raze-Lighter Destiny Exotic Sword (Heavy Weapon)

Gameplay footage of the Exotic Sword Raze-Lighter. The Exotic Sword Does solar damage and even has a perk that helps speed up the recharge of your super. Some additional info about other perks are below. Tempered Light Perk: Increased Armor when welding the sword. (Gives you the chance to get up close in the crucible) […]

The Taken King: Court of Oryx Reveal

After you finish up the Campaign for the Taken King and defeat Oryx during the “Kings Fall” Raid. The Dreadnaught opens up for patrol and you can complete in a spawn controlled public event called the “Court of Oryx”.  The Court of Oryx runs similar to the firefights of the Halo universe and you fight […]

How to get the Key of Gnashing Teeth – Destiny Taken King

You need a key of Gnashing teeth to open the chest located under the platform in the court of oryx section of the dreadnaught. To find the Key of gnashing teeth you need to … (update coming soon!) Check out the video and watch our comment section for more details on obtaining the Key of Gnashing […]

The Taken King King’s Fall Raid Trailer Revealed! Coming 9-18-15

Big News! Bungie Just revealed the release date of the Taken King’s Final Raid “King’s Fall” & the Kings Fall Trailer. There has been a lot of speculation about the final Raid and we know it wont launch with the Taken Kings expansion on September 15th. But now we know the final Raid will be available to play […]